theARTcore is providing wide range of game art production services including character art, vehicles & props as well as concept art support for the cutting edge video game projects.

Get detailed introduction to our services below


We providing high quality character art production services including support in design and full production cyrcle from hi-poly to final ingame model. Take a look at examples of character work here


We providing hi quality in game asset production services. Our artist have a vast expirience making highly detailed photorelaistic assets for world famous video games. We can assist you with level art needs by props and level assets creation or full level chunks and bits of environments creation including modeling, texturing, shading and lighting. We also specialing on vehicles and weapons creation including modeling and hi quality texturing. Check out our portfolio


We have great passion and good expirience of concept art production. this services include 2d/3d concept art for character, environments, vehicles and game assets. Using all modern tools we will be happy to bring visual ideas for your project. Take a look at some examples of our work here